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Hey, I'm looking for a nurse tech job and wondered if nurses in the area could help me out. I am trying to find out which hospitals offer nurse tech jobs and what they are called (it seems that they are not called nurse techs at all hospitals). I figure this info will help me to search for jobs.



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Oops, I forgot to say which area! LOL I'm thinking Tacoma up to Bellevue.

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I've noticed a couple of listings for nurse techs at St. Francis, which is in Federal Way. Here's a link to where you can find more info and apply: . I think getting a position as a nurse tech, especially at a hospital or system of hospitals that employs a lot of nurses, is an excellent idea as it will greatly enhance your ability to find a decent job that you want after graduation.


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In Michigan they are called Nurse assistant or PCT - Patient Care Tech.

check out - search for nurse tech in tacoma, wa you'll find a nice consolidated listing.... from there I'd go to the actual hospital/clinic website of the jobs you might be interested in.

v/r is also a good place to look. Not all nurse tech jobs are equal. Some hospitals, you can pass out certain meds and give certain treatments. Other hospitals, they work you more as CNAs. Something to think about.... It's a great opportunity if you get it.

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