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Nurse Staffing Agencies for job placement legit?


I have been getting calls on my resume from several staffing companies trying to find me a nursing job. Are these agencies legitimate? It seems like the jobs they are presenting me are small, rural hospitals. Do the bigger hospitals not use them? Any experiences with using these agencies out there?

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the smaller hospitals are more likely to use them because they do not have enough nurses in their area to pull from so need assistance in finding staff. Most are legit. You need to ask up front about whether or not you have to sign a contract with them or the facility and how much all of this will cost YOU. In some instances (I am not a CPA) job-hunting costs are tax-deductible, but a deduction and cash are not the same thing.

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More than legit... a great resource for a new job.

They do a lot of legwork and match you up with the facility's need.

Of course you will not pay for their service, the employer does.

Good luck, keep us posted.