Zero Credit for 3 Years of School and 13 years of Work

  1. Hi I'm a Nurse got my credentials in Germany. The school was over three years long. I started as an OR Scrub Nurse then worked for the US Army treating soldiers and their families for 13 years including running the immunization clinic. In 2007 I moved to Iowa with my husband. Since then I've encountered nothing but resistance or requests for money while trying to get some kind of credit for my German Nursing Credentials despite work experience and English proficiency. Scott Community College gave me nothing for my degree. We've paid several services for accreditation and not one of was willing to rate my equivalency level. I have two goals are to begin working ASAP, I'm going stir crazy I miss patients and Nursing; and get an American Degree as well. Can anyone provide some sound advice. At this point we may pack up and go home since the education system and Iowa Nursing Board won't budge.
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    All boards of nursing require fees to review you records. Each state has their own requirements as to what is necessary to pass the boards. Iowa isn't there but These are states having concerns over concurrent theory and practicum, so I would look at other 37 states to obtain license:


    North Dakota

    Schools......that's another story. Schools do not accept credits from other school within the same state.....each college wants you to pay for all of your courses from them.....if they accept someone else''s money out of their pocket. It's all about they money. Even if a nursing student (from an accredited school) fails in her last semester and tries to transfer to another (accredited) school....all of her nursing will not transfer...they start from scratch.

    Are you trying to sit for boards? Have you looked into taking the LPN NCLEX and then taking a bridge LPN/RN/BSN online school?
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    i knew a nurse that came from Germany as well and she couldn't get her education accredited. she had to go back to school and get her LPN license (takes a year).