Which documents do i need for applying NCLEX-RN?

  1. Hi, i am a foreign RN, i want to apply NCLEX-RN in California, but i dont know which document do i need to send them, i tried to contact them but they are always busy, i have my diploma, transcript, live scan fing prints, and also i almost done with form which they put on website,
    I dont know do i need to give my diploma for evaluation or just translation is good?and also how long does it take to get answer from them?
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  3. by   perioddrama
    This is their website for Licensure by Exam: Board of Registered Nursing - Licensure by Examination

    This is the website for endorsement (if applicable to your situation): http://www.rn.ca.gov/applicants/lic-end.shtml

    As to the wait time, it depends on the volume of applicants they get.

    This is what it says for applicants from the CA Board of RN website for Licensure by Examination.

    All Applicants Must Provide the Following:

    • Appropriate Fees.
    • Completed Application for Licensure by Examination including a U.S. social security number.
    • Completed fingerprints using either the Live Scan Process or the Applicant Fingerprint Card (Hard Card) processing method as directed in the "Instructions for Submitting Fingerprint Cards". Submit the appropriate nonrefundable TOTAL FEE as directed on the Application Fee Schedule.

      NOTE: Application does not include fingerprint cards or live scan form. Fingerprint cards and livescan forms may be requested on the Requests page.
    • One recent 2" x 2" passport-type photograph.
    • Completed Request for Accommodation of Disabilities form(s), if applicable.
    • Request for Transcript form(s) completed and forwarded directly from the nursing school(s) with certified transcripts.
    • If applicable, documents and/or letters explaining prior convictions or disciplinary action and attesting to your rehabilitation as directed in Section II of the General Information and Instructions.


      • A. Send Breakdown of Educational Program for International Nursing Programs form to your school with the Request for Transcript form. Also provide the Certified English Translation form to your certified translator if your transcript is not in English. (See Supplemental Application Instructions for International Graduates with the application.)
      • B. Submit a copy of your license or diploma that allows you to practice professional nursing in the country where you were educated. Also, provide copies of your certificates for midwifery and psychiatric nursing, if applicable.

  4. by   BennyRNCA
    Just know that there are many countries now, some more than others, that are having their applications denied, either due to concurrency issues or lacking clinical hours or missing certain courses.

    The application fees submitted to the CA BON is not refundable.

    I would suggest that you look over in the "World Nursing" section, under the "Nurse Registration", you'll find only a handful if that, have been approved by the CA BON in over a year now.

    CA BON is cracking down very heavily on an existing regulations that's been on the books since 1987.

    This applies to even an experienced international nurse with years of experience, everything comes down to the educational requirements.

    A valid SS# is also needed to apply.
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  5. by   danisweetcheeks
    Im a Canadian RN with plans to travel to California as well but unless you have a US Social Security Number, anything to do with California is going to be very difficult. You need a SSN for everything and there are no exceptions. I see that BennyRNCA mentioned this above, but as I am going through all this applying, exam taking and transfering licenses and stuff right now its been a big pain in the butt!! I had to apply though Minnesota as they do not require a SSN with the plan to endorse to CA once I am able to get a SSN. Many travel nursing agencies suggest taking an assignment in a state that does not require a SSN as a first assignment because its easy to get a job and once you have a job its easy to get a SSN and then go to California after that. You can always try to apply for a job in California yourself and once you receive a job offer, you can apply to get a SSN but with the brutal job situation in California, it may be tough just to get a job.