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Visa Screen Certificate is required by all foreign nurses wishing to obtain a green card to work in the US, as well as any type of temporary work permit, such as the Nafta TN Visa for those from... Read More

  1. by   nursemich
    Yes you are correct. You have to use your full name signature in all the forms for your application in CGFNS, that means you should also include your middle name.

    A. You have to declare that you are also a licensee in the USA. So, you should write Phil and USA
    B. Write "Vermont" because that is where you had your license and "USA" for the country.

    I don't see any problem working while applying for a Visascreen. You just need to fill it up with what they require. Anyway, if you need any help, don't be hesitant to ask again. I'll be glad to answer your queries.

    By the way, my application has been processed already and the only thing that the CG is waiting for is my verification of license here in Phil. I have only provided a photocopy of what they require, I did not notarized it. So far, no feedback from them that my documents are not accepted. But they have done their initial evaluation already, so probably its acceptable.
    I am also a licensee from Vermont.
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  2. by   chengzz_1110
    just want to ask how long will it take to get the visa screen certificate if you are already completed with all the requirements? im from the phil and im waiting for my vsc because i need it as an additional evidence for the issuance of my visa and i need it before sept 6, 2009. hope to hear from you guys.
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    When did you apply for VSC.?Takes on average 4 months to be issued once all documents are received
  4. by   chengzz_1110
    my status of application is that the service completed successfully i called the cgfns and i asked when will they going to mail my certificate and the opperator said that they will mail it by monday.
  5. by   lost_ielts
    please tell me what can i do if am certified for the visa screen it says it helps to get my visa which kind of visas and how can i do so !!!!
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from lost_ielts
    please tell me what can i do if am certified for the visa screen it says it helps to get my visa which kind of visas and how can i do so !!!!
    It may indicate what sort of visa you are applying for but you do not need a visa in hand to apply for it
  7. by   eugene224
    just wondering which part of the vs handbook says that "There are exceptions if education is over 10 years " (high school diploma waived?)
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Not sure if it is in the handbook but my education was waivered as it was over 10 years
  9. by   eugene224
    i graduated high school in 1998...will it be waived as well for vsc?
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    It may be but if you have a certificate you could always send a copy just in case. If not then send application and see what happens
  11. by   eugene224
    thank you silverdragon. i cant find it anymore. i hope it will work out fine
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    You are welcome. Just a thought though what is your PD and do you have a employer? It may be worth waiting before applying for VSC as you may find you have to pay for renewal as it is valid for only 5 years and retrogression may take longer
  13. by   saber_rider
    hi guys...just want to ask if I also need to send a mailing envelope along with my Verification of License/ Registration to the Vermont Board of Nursing or are they the ones providing the envelope which will be sent to CGFNS?...Thank you very much...:wink2: