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I received a letter from CGFNS saying they still need Transcript Validation Form. Can someone tell me which form is this exactly as I remember sending all the forms from the booklet to my College. I... Read More

  1. by   xanri
    ok tnx a lot... for helping me..
  2. by   inezarochette
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    CGFNS only accept documents with valid seal and signature to ensure there is no fraud going on, can be harder if the school is unknown to CGFNS but as long as documents are resent and everything is decided as above board they will accept it
    Hi Silverdragon 102!

    Please help me to find an answer to my question. I applied for a visa screen under CGFNS which just recently expired due to incomplete documents (NCLEX passing result). I understand that I can have it reprocess and pay the certain amount of $175.00 as the reprocessing fee but my question is do I still need to submit again the transcript of record from my school of nursing as well as all other same documents which they required and in which I already submitted to them during the time that I started processing it? Can they not use those transcript and other documents which I have submitted to them? CGFNS sent me a message last month that I need to submit my NCLEX passing result by September 8, 2011 or it will become expired and closed. Kindly share me your ideas. Thank you.
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    They should be able to use any documents that have already been submitted
  4. by   inezarochette
    Thanks for the info silverdragon 102.
  5. by   heyprincesshey
    Hello, I decided to back read but I have not understood what exactly the Transcript Validation Form is. I'm requesting for a CES report, submitted all the requests and CGFNS sends me an email that they receive my partial requirements and they're waiting for the TRANSCRIPT VALIDATION FORM. Please enlighten me please please.