Recognized as a fil. Citizen taking nclex

  1. Hi!
    My friend is a U.S. Citizen but is also recognized as a Filipino Citizen

    Does he still need to take the local board exam before becoming eligible to take the NCLEX in California? Thanks!!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Where did your friend attend nursing school?
  4. by   hi_hello29
    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Where did your friend attend nursing school?
    Hi! My friend attended nursing school in the Philippines
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    Then they are an internationally educate nurse (IEN) and have to jump through all the hoops associated with that. citizenship doesn't enter into the equation.

    There are a number of threads related to the difficulties IENs face in getting licensed in the US. Use the <search> feature in the upper right corner to find them. We have a number of expert on the topic who provide excellent advice and instruction.
  6. by   vinnyfromtheblock
    Regardless of your citizenship, if you graduated your nursing degree outside the United States, you are still an IEN (internationally educated nurse).
  7. by   vinnyfromtheblock
    You can visit the California BRN's website to read all the information about how to apply for the examination. I know some people who did not take their licensure exam in the Philippines and still got evaluated.
  8. by   hi_hello29
    Thank you so much!
    Should I provide a letter explaining as to why I did not take the board exam? Or it doesn't matter?
  9. by   hi_hello29
    Thank you so much!