PRC- CGFNS application

  1. I am an RN 2012 in the Philippines currently residing in Illinois, U.S. I just learned that I have to mail the CGFNS form directly to PRC but I am uncertain if they will give time for it. Are there NCLEX passer here would like to give some information regarding my concern if I am doing the right step? I do appreciate it in advance.
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  3. by   dclcnur
    Hi there,

    I had to do this as well last year. I opted to ask a good friend of mine to go to PRC for me. I just didn't trust the mail system and I didn't find any information on PRC's website on how to accomplish a mail in request.

    My friend brought my CGFNS forms to PRC and paid the appropriate fees for Fedex and PRC's fees.

    My suggestion is to just ask a huge favor to someone you know in Manila to do this for you.

  4. by   azula
    I asked my sister to do it. She waited in line for 7 hours twice! The first time she went there, she lacked information about my exam date and number. So she went back the next day and successfully did it! (Best sister in the world!). I thought prc will give her the form together with the priority number so while waiting for her turn, she can message me about it while I was still awake. But that's how they do it in my city hope you won't encounter this problem too!!! They also need your graduation date & prc ID information.

    P.S. I made a special power of attorney so that my family can process my papers for me