Please help me what to do. Haven't passed Nclex-RN in IL within 3 yrs timeframe.

  1. It's been 3 yrs since I registered for IL licensure and have not passed Nclex- RN yet. I finished BSN from PH . I don't know what to do if I have to take another 2 yrs of Nursing professional education to submit as proof of compliance to IL Nurse Practice Act.

    I feel like I'm just wasting my years of life - and I don't have enough money and time as Im not young anymore to go to 2 yrs of nursing school again . Like you, I had composed myself all the time and had several attempts hoping to pass Nclex- RN and always confident that I answered the CAT testing the best I ever can. Yet, to my dismay - failed .
    No matter how much I try to psyche myself - Im just human and felt depressed every time. After my last attempt, I found and continued working full time to keep myself sane so that if they allow me to take again I will have money to pay for my licensure exam. fail still happens- let's keep on praying and hope things will turn out well ...fair and with great consideration.

    Can anybody please help and enlighten me what to do? Im a foreign nursing graduate and haven't passed Nclex-RN within the 3 yrs time frame since I registered for IL licensure exam .Help me please... and do I still have other options so that I may still have chance to retake. Also, I haven't tried taking Nclex-PN yet. Will I be allowed to take Nclex-PN and what should I do? Thanks.... Im so lost right now...:C
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    The board of nursing is probably not going to reverse their decision. since you have not passed additional education is needed to pass the test. If you enroll in a program many work full time and pass the exam.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Regarding NCLEX-PN, it depends on the state. You would need to inquire with the state board of nursing. The NCLEX-PN isn't necessarily easier than the NCLEX-RN as it is a different exam for a different educational pathway/scope of practice.
  5. by   sweetestnurseever
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ginger's Mom and JustBeachyNurse... I like your user names . I know rules are not meant to be broken but how I wish there's exceptions . How I wish..but those are just wishes you know... I will try to call and ask about the PN. Yup I know Nclex PN is a very difficult exam but if they will allow me I can try instead of going back to 2 yrs schooling having nothing. I know some may say how come I haven't passed it in 3 yrs. Well you know, Im not a teen ager or young fellow nursing graduate anymore and have responsibilities, aspirations and problems like what normal adults have. Nobody gives me free money so I have to stretch muscles or drive a long way... I didn't realize it's been 3 yrs time runs so fast when there's lots of preoccupations and things to do and take care of. Im just venting and hoping I can get some hints how to get through this if I have to let it go , forget it or try some other states...I had worked as a CNA too and had taken care of so many patients in long term care and rehab and have seen how life and health and time is so important...there were nurses, moms, dads, doctors whom I had taken cared of - some had been totally quadriplegic, stroked and in bed ...and it made me reflect about life...anything can happen anytime no matter who you are in this world... maybe I will just be happy doing this and not be an RN anymore...hard job...doesn't earn humble job ... yet so much heart... and it will be just my offering to our Lord. I have my BSN only I haven't passed Nclex- RN yet and maybe no chance in this state...time to move on somewhere...3 yrs is over and so that's life... only in my dreams that Im younger with more time to school and do things all over again...oh so sorry I'm a drama queen! So laugh and live...maybe not so smart of me others will say- but only this exam I had failed in my life - every thing and most of them I passed first try.
  6. by   sweetestnurseever
    And why I chose to work within those yrs - it's because the past few years here in America was a struggle - was a retrogression and too many people lost and cannot find jobs- ( literally!) we all know that and at least I get paychecks than stay home, get regular paychecks. If I stopped then what will happen? Although, now I see the consequences of those life choices, say dilemmas or predicaments -but am willing to face and accept it. Maybe it's not meant for me.