Philippine RN to PSW CCA in Canada

  1. I'm a Registered Nurse and Masters of Arts in Nursing in the Philippines but I wanna have a caregiving job in Canada? Do I have to take a caregiving course to be qualified? Thank you very much.

    PS sorry newbie here, i'm just currently figuring how things work in this thread.
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Why would you want to this?
  4. by   JackieOnTheRocks
    I heard that I need to have all 7 band score on my ielts but unlucky got 6 on my speaking so I'm trying to apply as a caregiver or personal support or Health care assistant before I pursue Nursing if ever.
  5. by   caileighm
    I don't know a lot about transferring an international license to Canada. But I will say that not everywhere requires a PSW certificate to work as one if you have relevant experience.
  6. by   Queen cee
    I came across your post and was wondering if you found answers to your query. If you're planning to work as caregiver you need a certificate from TESDA (nc ll). No need to take the course since you're already a nurse. You will be asked to demo some procedures.