Oregon nclex requirements

  1. Has anyone ever taken NCLEX RN in Oregon? If so, what are the requirements. Im am a BSN grad 2012 in the Philippines, i do not have any local license,its my first time applyin for a license. Any help/suggestion would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Here is the starting point The State BON http://www.oregon.gov/OSBN/pdfs/form...rn-lpnexam.pdf
  4. by   Littlelulu29
    Thanks admin Silverdragon

    Im still confused on what to submit first... And what to put all together. And do I still need to submit some forms to my school or will the BON determine if I still have to. Anyone?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    You need to complete CES report with CGFNS. Go to the CGFNS website and complete application forum, there should be a handbook for this giving you step by step instructions. Generally there are forms you have to complete and send to the various establishments like nursing school for them to complete and return to CGFNS. If your school can not show evidence that your schooling was done in English using English textbooks you have to complete IELTS. If you look at page 2 there is a tick list that indicates what forms need completing and sending to them. You will more than likely have to ask the BON to send you a fingerprint card
  6. by   Littlelulu29
    Thanks again! I have already submitted the required forms to CGFNS and im still on a "ready for review" status. I was wondering about the post I read from others regarding the 960 hours work. Is that an actual RN duty hours or my clinical duty hours as a student... cause I have no work experience yet.. only duty hrs from school. I graduated last 2012 if that helps.
  7. by   steppybay

    Don't worry about the 960 hours of work (but yes, it is actual paid hospital experience, not volunteer or school clinicals), those required hours are if you're applying if you passed the third year from your graduation date.

    You're fine now having gotten your BSN in 2012.

    Just follow the rest of the forms instructions given.

    Do you plan to work and practice in OR once you pass the NCLEX-RN?
  8. by   Littlelulu29

    Oh okay.. thanks for that information! Yes If I pass the nclex (hopefully) I will transfer/move to Oregon since its hopeless in CA.
  9. by   Littlelulu29
    To steppybay

    Should I ask for fingerprint card from Oregon board first then complete it and send it to the board along with the other forms? and about page 9, do i need that or should I just take toefl? I dont want to send forms again to my school and have them mail it to the boards..it always takes forever.
  10. by   ashleyeve212
    Hi there Littlelulu29 I've been looking an info about how to get a license here in Oregon. I also graduated with a nursing degree and don't have a local license I was just wondering if u can walk me through the steps on how to get a license here in Oregon. Thank you.