License Validation from Oman

  1. Hi fellow nurses. I'm an RN who worked in Oman for 4 years. I migrated here in US 2 years ago as i got married. I started working on my licensure requirements early this year but the license validation from Oman is making it all pending. I talked to Ministry of Health Oman and they have no idea how to fill out the form and what paper to send the CGFNS office. I'm clueless either of how to fill it out. I messaged CGFNS office but i haven't got any replies yet. Any fellow nurses who worked in Oman and got any idea about this matter. I'm really on a limbo and would deeply appreciate someone's help. Thank you.
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  3. by   Kath029
    Hi Damsychick, I just wanna ask in which state did you apply? Im a nurse too and worked under MOH in Oman for almost 4 years and I recently relocated here in California. I am planning to start my application for CGFNS either in Minnesota or Colorado state. I am just wondering about license validitation from Oman as far as i know once we resigned our license in Oman is no longer valid and i am not sure if CGFNS will accept it.
  4. by   Damsychick
    Hi. I'm applying for South Carolina as we live here. Just chatted with a colleague who used to work in Oman and she said we need to contact CGFNS to waive the Oman license validation and just send them a proof that we worked there as a nurse. I'm working on it and hopefully to settle this soon.