Eligibility in Vermont BON not yet ok

  1. Hi! I am a registered nurse from the Phils and I am still waiting for my eligibility from Vermont which until now is not yet finished.I applied last January this year. I complied their requirements . The thing that took so long was my current license which I just submitted thru email last July. They will not allow the claim stub from PRC. Their first email to me was last March which reminded me of my license which was expired march 25 this year. I submitted the claimstub but received their reply after 2 months that they will not allow stub. I went to PRC ( licensing from the Phils) and asked for a Certificate which states my license is still under process. I received a reply from Vermont after Two months which stated that my certificate was not a basis. Then finally I got my license ID and immediately scanned and emailed to them. I still have to wait for another 2 months. Just this week, I emailed them and replied to me that my application is not yet processed and they are 30 days behind. I will not hear from them until Nov this year. I was so sad to hear from them this news. I thought that they already processed my papers coz the license is the only thing I lacked. So disappointed I chose this state for my NCLEX. I thought they are fast in processing . Does somebody here have the same problem as mine. Still waiting until now.
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  3. by   steppybay
    I'm assuming that you have a valid SSN as VT recently required all applications must be submitted with such proof. The SSN requirement went into effect I think May, 2012 so now like in CA and many other States, one needs to have a SSN before they will even start to look at the application.

    Let's say that you do have a SSN, but then, recently the VT BON has also started to enforce the same concurrency rules that 14-15 other States are applying to any and all applications.

    Hopefully, your application will have been safe as you started your application early before the May, 2012, but at the same time, don't be surprised, if it gets rejected.

    Here's the link to the that:


    There are 34-35 States that are not on the concurrency rules yet, but that can changed at any day, as more and more States are looking to enforce these couple of decades or older rules as set forth.

    There's plenty of reads on this topic in various forms, but it all boils down to CHED, PRC and PNA for their lack of understanding the USA minimum educational standards and of no fault of us foreign students or nurses.

    Just know also that being an RN from the Phils with even a decade or more of nursing experience is no replacement in the USA BON's eyes, it will always depend on the educational background that must meet the particular State's minimum requirements.

    It is truly sad news, but that's the harsh reality we must face and admit up to it in today's changing nursing world, especially, if you're an international applicant.
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  4. by   ggestano2002
    Thanks steppybay for your info. I don't have SSN but I applied before concurrency occurred. My license was near expiring when I applied and that took my papers too long to process .They don't email me immediately if the things that I am sending them is valid or not like my claim stub, PRC certification to prove that my license is under process.It will take 30 to 60 days for me to wait until I will email them to check my status and replied that they will not accept those things.( when they received the stub and certificate the BON replied that it will take 30 to 60 days for them to review my papers ). I sent those things through a courier which costs much. I just emailed ( scanned) my renewed ID card ( license) last July .I hope this December it will already be ok.. I pray that there's no problem with my papers anymore . Just need your prayers guys. Thanks.
  5. by   ggestano2002
    I'm so happy to receive an email last nite from Vermont BON. I am now eligible to take the test. Thanks guys! God is so good and I thank Him for the answered prayer .