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Good day. I'm starting to get worried about my CVS-NY application. Its either CGFNS is sending the request to a wrong address, or things keep getting lost in the mail, or my school is not processing... Read More

  1. by   charlieprince
    Quote from adangerousbeauty
    I wonder if the cause of the PRC delay is that my Philippine license is expired. I didnt get to renew it because Im already working in the US at another state and havent gone back to the Philippines yet to get it renewed.

    On the other hand, either way if CGFNS dont get any replies from PRC, and still submit my papers to NYSED, I dont think NYSED wont grant me a NY license based solely on the fact that my Philippine lic could not be verified.

    PS. Pls send me direct messages if possible. I dont get notification of replies on this board. Thanks a lot
    adangerousbeauty: what happened with your situation? did NYSED approve you to sit and take the NCLEX? I am in the EXACT SAME Situation. PRC have not sent CGFNS CVS anything i'm pretty sure my 180 days is up in a month so CVS will send whatever they have to NY BON

    just wondering if anyone knows or have experience if NYBON receives it from CGNS CVS without the PRC document?? how did yours turn out... share your experiences please
  2. by   knight-
    One of my friends is also like that. Her PRC Validation letter was late. After passing her NY NCLEX-RN and all, that was only the time that she was updated by CGFNS, saying that they already received her PRC documents.

    She said that the transcripts are more important, and was thankful that her school transcripts was received on time.
  3. by   edzesp
    Good day maam, I am having the same problem as this which is they noted that the Date of Birth was not provided on the documents from my school. How were you able to fix this problem with CGFNS? can you please help me? Or anyone who knows how fix this predicament, please reply to this old thread. Thank you for the assistance.
  4. by   knight-
    Sorry for the late reply, how are you faring?

    Hope you passed your NCLEX already.

    I will answer your question just in case somebody else is now in your previous position..

    If there are anything missing that the school should have provided, the best you can do is go to your school personally and sort it out with them. If your date of birth was not provided, try to have the school reflect your date of birth on that document and have them resend it.

    If you are waiting for the school to send your transcripts, following up with them is the key. Don't mind if the office staff is annoyed already with your face showing up every morning. This is your future we're dealing with.