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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am interested in taking up CRNE. I am currently working here in the Philippines. I found out that, to be able to take the CRNE I must be in Canada. I am thinking of getting a student visa or a visit visa.Tuition fee for international students are sky high. I am not sure if i can afford it. Also, if i decide to take a student visa, is my first step apply in Ontario Universities Application Center?BTW, I am interested in studying or working in Ontario. How about visit visa?what do i need to do first? How long is the process for both?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you
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  3. by   loriangel14
    The CRNE is the exam that you must pass to get an RN license in Canada.It is just one of the requirements.Why are you referring to coming to Canada as a student?You don't need to be in Canada to apply for a license and it doesn't require going to school in Canada.Wheat you have to do is contact the college of nurses in the province you want to work in and find out what requirements you have to meet in order to become licensed.Are you already an RN?
  4. by   sha16_charmed
    I already did. The CRNE can only be taken in Canada, unlike the NCLEX which can be taken anywhere in the world.
  5. by   loriangel14
    Did you get permission to write? Why were you talking about having to come as a student?
  6. by   sha16_charmed
    Quote from loriangel14
    Did you get permission to write? Why were you talking about having to come as a student?
    Being in the Canada is one of the 7 requirements to be able to apply for the exam.I am currently in thhe Philippines, so I am thinking of getting a student or a visit visa to be able to get to Canada, so i can apply forCRNE. Idk, if it is the right thing to do.I am just basing my decision on theinfos i find online.
  7. by   loriangel14
    You don't need to be in Canada to apply,you just need to come here to write.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
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  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Starting point would be. Have you met provincial college of RN requirements and received eligibility to sit CRNE?
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    Being in Canada is not one of the requirements to apply. It states

    If you answered “yes”, then you will need to provide proof of your current status by attaching oneof the following to your application:

    • a photocopy of your Canadian Birth Certificate or
    • Landed Immigrant Papers/Permanent Residence Card or
    • Certificate of Citizenship or
    • a work permit that provides authorization to practise nursing in Ontario or
    • a valid Canadian passport

    If you answered “No”, then please contact the College.

    Suggest you contact the college

  11. by   sha16_charmed
    I did more reaserch and please correct my understanding if it is wrong.I am so confused, I've been researching day and night.

    1. To acquire registration in Ontario, I have to meet all the 7 requirements.
    2. Requirement #3 says Successful completion of national nursing registration examination.
    If I click no, it says,"You have indicated that you have not passed the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination or Practical Nurse Registration Examination, or an examination accepted as equivalent to either one". I did not take the CRNE yet, but what is an accepted equivalent? I am a registered nurse in the Philippines and I also took the NCLEX, is it an accepted equivalent?
    3. Requirement #6, I don't have it, but you already answered it for me.Thanks.
    4. Can I have the CNO assess me first, even if I don't have requirement #3 and of course #6? If so, can you please give me the link, I've been going round and round in their website, can't seem to find it.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  12. by   megish
    Hey sha16_charmed

    Yes you need to send your documents first to CNO. Including your completed application form,provided by CNO, your fees, and transcripts of your degree sent directly by your nursing college phillipines.

    Then they normally take a period of 4-5 months to assess your credentials. Then they come up with an option:

    a) you can come to canada and write CRNE.
    b) you do not qualify to write crne.
    c)you qualify to write crne with some more conditions implied.

    So if u get eligibility from them, then only you can apply for visa.

    In the end if you pass the exam then they will see all these 7 requirements finally and will give you full registration.

    I hope it helps.....

  13. by   bloodsoda
    Thanks a lot for the info.
    It helped me a lot.
    After weeks and weeks of threading all the infos from here I now understand (hopefully) the forum on how I can take the CRNE and its not a 1month processing thing. I am willing to wait now because I understand.
    Thank God.
  14. by   BananaA
    Hi bloodsoda! I think we are on the same boat. Can I have your email address? Can't send you a personal message here because my posts are not yet enough to send pms. Thanks