CGFNS: From Final review to In QA Review

  1. Hey everyone!

    This is officially my first post but I've been reading for quite some time. Recently my CGFNS CES for Virginia status changed from under review to final review then the next day (today) changed to in QA review. Does anyone know what this means? I'm getting worried since I was so happy to see it changed to final review then seems like everything was turned upside down. I tried to search but unfortunately Google didn't yield not that many topics. To whoever can answer thank you in advance!
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  3. by   katzzie
    quality assurance,..a day after that, I receive an email stating that the my application process has been complete and ces report has been issued..good luck..
  4. by   iirnited
    Hey Katzzie,

    I've read something similar to your posts prior to starting a topic here. I hope I can share the same fate as you! Thank you again for the reply . Hopefully, some others can chime in as well so this can turn into a reference topic for other people.
  5. by   roxygal_18
    how was your application? i checked the status of my CES and saw that too
  6. by   Jhendora
    Hi .... How can i contact you regarding applying to virginia board of nursing... Cgfns issue report of my ces and i was exempted to take english exam last sept 27... Then today I call virginia board of nursing if they already have my report coming cgfns. They told me that after paying to the application fee process they will let me know if they still need something from me. So what i did today sep. 30 i paid the said amount and will wait for my eligibity ?i just wanna ask what is the steps that you did after done with cgfns.. Thank you so much...
  7. by   esayaray
    Were you exempted from taking the English exam due to theoretical hours received in English? Do you know why you were exempted from taking the English language exam? Thank you for your help! I'm in the process of applying to Virginia bon via Cgfns.