1. hii
    i am mandeep i have got CAS by cno, i also attended care4nurses workshop. they provided the idea regarding writing a scenario to address your competencies. workshop was helpful and i made scenario as per my own experience of working and i am going to submit my assignment next week, but still i have doubt about CNO, because i am not sure about what CNO expect from me and what i have given to them. there is no any format or guidelines to follow for CAS by CNO.moreover there is no time frame of CNO answering about your result. i hope for the best.

    thank you
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    Ok, what?
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    Good luck mandeep I hope CNO approves of your CAS. Are you applying to become licensed as a RPN or RN?
  6. by   mandeep,j
    thank you dear, i applied for RPN and RN both and i got CAS for RPN and OSCE for RN eligibility.
  7. by   dishes
    I agree with you that understanding how to apply the entry to practices competencies to your nursing practice is challenging, but hopefully your examples satisfy the competency gaps and CNO will approve you to write the CPNRE. As far as the time frame for CNO answering your results, it depends on how many IEN's CAS they are reviewing and where your CAS is in the queue. I don't know if you noticed but if you are approved to write the CPNRE, you have to apply 8 weeks prior to the first day of the exam window. The next exam window is September 26-October 23/16. The deadline for applying has already passed and it seems like the next exam window will be in January 16-February 12, 2017, according to Assessment Strategies Inc on cpnre ca.
    Something else to keep in mind, CNO requires proof of recent nursing experience within 3 years, if your 3 years runs out before you become licensed as a RPN, you may need to return to school. In order to avoid returning to school, it is better to figure out the timing of the licensing process ahead of time and make a plan B and plan C.
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  8. by   mandeep,j
    Thank u for your valuable guidance, i am not sure whether i should go for OSCE or wait for my CAS result, as i have safe practice time till 2018 but i have to get licence within practice, is there any method to extend safe practice.
  9. by   dishes
    Are you already booked for the OSCE? If you are not booked, you may not be able to book until 2017, there have been other posters who have said Touchstone institute doesn't have any open future test dates available at this time. Hopefully, you will have your CAS results in the next few months and be able to write the CPNRE in winter or spring 2017. You can still do the OSCE even if you become licensed as a RPN, it doesn't prevent you from trying to become licensed as a RN.
    It's good your recent practice is until 2018, the licensing process takes time and some IENs have to return home to work as RNs for awhile, to extend their proof of practice and prevent it from expiring.
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  10. by   mandeep,j
    thanks for reply, i have not booked OSCE yet, waiting for next test dates, i think it will be good to wait for CAS result and meanwhile prepare for CPNRE and i will extend my practice if i got chance to work in back home it would be good.
  11. by   Gurman2015
    Hi Mandeep,
    Have you got result from CNO regarding your CAS. I got CAS today and wondering what to add in my CAS. May i have some tips from you regarding CAS pls ?