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    This is my first post - SO, the story is, I am a registered nurse here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I obtained my BScN from York University in 2016, have been working since. I am a UK citizen, born in England, I still have dual citizenship. I have been looking to move back for some time now. With this nursing shortage/ NHS campaign going on, I think it may be in my favour. I have surgical hospital nursing experience, and currently I am in Corporate Health. Just wondering if anyone has ever been through this process before, I am a bit worried about the OSCE scenarios as I have not done anything clinical in a few years. Also, the passing rate is in the 40's and that makes me a little nervous. I am NCLEX-RN certified, that exam was brutal but I know the OSCE is clinical and practical, not written. Is there anywhere anyone would recommend that I could brush up on some skills that are specific to the UK training models that they will use? I don't think the competency test will be an issue as I can see many similarities between the CNO and NMC standards of practise (will just have to do a lot of studying - also if anyone has any studying resources or any tips of where to look to study, that would be great!) Has anyone gone through this process and been successful? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi there your starting your journey at the right time. The shortages are real we need nurses every where. Next year when we leave the EU you will have the same chances as EU citizens but an added advantage of being from an English speaking country. We are very specialist in nature so bear that in mind we are not generalists. In your case all you need to get your registration which should not be that hard then jobs will look for you as there tonnes of them. The other day l met a nurse from Canada who had recently relocated. l do not know your motivation for coming to work here if it for UK work exposure and EU travel exploration you will surely have a good time. I do not know much about the OSCEs and international registration but am sure there many posts you could read to see the challenges and resources people use to gain registration here. This time next year hospitals that are short here will extend their recruitment drives to North America and world wide am sure English speaking countries will be favoured. Good luck!
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    Thank you SO much! I am in a contract here in Toronto until Oct 2019 so the timing could be perfect for me. I've always planned to come back home just never known the right time - I think this could be the sign I am looking for Thanks again!
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    Moved to the Nurse Registration forum where there are a few threads discussing the NMC process

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