CA BRN New Requirements For NCLEX RN international students - page 62

I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting... Read More

  1. by   egy16
    Hopefully they will start this program!
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  2. by   troikaenerio
    Kuyafern, thanks for the info. Sorry I can't reply to a private message because I am new here but thank you talaga
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Before you start paying for any courses that meet the BRN requirements and allow you to become eligibility to sit NCLEX and meet state requirements I would suggest you check with the BRN that the courses are acceptable
  4. by   rovykr
    Just the application letter?? So the requirements will bento follow? Thanks a lot
  5. by   rovykr
    Hi have u got ur local license in the phils? Thats jy problem right now. I never took the board exam in the philippines cos i wont be needing it in the US- thats what i was thinking. Oh please help me
  6. by   rovykr
    Hi proudpinay. I am also a filipina who must graduated last march 2012 in the ph. I am now a immigant herein US. Can i add u on yahoo ? If its just okay to u. My email add on yahoo is I need some help regarding on what to do first in applying for the CABON. Immkinda frustrated on the things that i have read here .. I got no ph license cos i never get the chance to.. Hope to hear a reply from u and it'll be much appreciated. Thanks a lot po
  7. by   nomad29
    hi rovykr,

    i think I suggest you first to send the application, with fees, diploma and all the personal requirement that you will personally provide then, wait for the BRN response for the additional requiremnts!

    But because of the recent strict enforcement, you will ask to submit TOR, RLE, Form that your school will fill up, and clinical cases!

    For if their requiring a local licensed that I don't know! Personnally, I submitted mine!

    Tip, since you found this thread I supposed you knew what is currently happening to the foreign grad! so, if you check and sure that your cases are CONCURRENT pls. proceed but if not do the right thing and apply to other state.
  8. by   rovykr
    Hi nomad. Can i get ur email add? Can i email u as often? Mine is will need wome help right now.So did i just do right thing if i submitted first my application form $200 fee and the diploma (photocopy) and i will submit a letter explaining why i wasnt able to take the phil. Licensure examination? I am an immigrant here in US. I already have the ssn and the green card. Please do help me in what to do pleaseI would appreciate it a lotThanks a lotBtw, r u filipino?HeheThanks
  9. by   nomad29
    sure! though Im not checking as often but if you need help just ask! I also gave you peesonal message! ^^
  10. by   nomad29
    Yup, ur on the rigt track! normally, just wait for their response and follow it, then your good 2 go! nut remember male sure your case is concurent!
  11. by   rovykr
    Quote from nomad29
    Yup, ur on the rigt track! normally, just wait for their response and follow it, then your good 2 go! nut remember male sure your case is concurent!
    Nomad,Hello,I wanna chat to u pleaseSo the transcripts and other papers is to follow? Or i will wait for them to reply?Thanks a lot nomad
  12. by   akoisme
    @kuyafern, etc

    Hi! I'm a 2011 graduate.. one of the first affected by the concurrency issue.
    Please PM me any information regarding this CSU fresno route. Thanks!
  13. by   nursewholikesnursing
    Hey! me too! I live like 4 hours from Fresno. But I can make arrangements... I guess. Where do I sign up?