Any BRAZILIANS nurses around here????

  1. Hello, my name is Ana and I'm a nurse student in Brazil.
    I'd like to know if there's any Brazilians nurses that work in USA as a nurse who can help me.

    Let me see if I'm geting the right way of things necessary to be a nurse in USA...

    1) To be a nurse in USA (after I get my graduation), I will have to get my approval by CGFNS (to see if my degree is equivalent in USA)
    2) Good TOFEL score
    3) Take a NCLEX in the state that I want work

    Another thing, it's easy to get a sponsor for a green card????

    Any help would be great!!!!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Will depend on the state you apply to to what requirements are needed

    English exam isn't always required by the state but may be required for immigration and can be IELTS

    NCLEX eligibility is only given once you have meet state requirements

    The US is under retrogression so look at 6 plus years to get immigrant visa (greencard) once you are lucky to find a employer willing to wait that long.

    Some states require a US SSN which you can not get until in the US with a valid work/immigrant visa

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  4. by   anasbardelotto
    Silverdragon102, are you brazilian? Your answer is based in your own experience or somebody else? About the SSN that is not a problem for me, I have mine already. Do you live in USA? And about immigration your answer is based in your experience also? I just want make sure and get most realist facts. Thanks!
  5. by   Ginger's Mom
    According to the NSCBN 2010 Report, 25 Brazilian nursing candidates were allowed to sit for the nclex exam only 10 passed.

    If you have a SSN usually it means you are a citizen or legal resident therefore no visa required.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    No I am not Brazilian however when trained outside the US then requirements are generally the same regardless on country and will vary from state to state.

    We have had members post that despite working in the US when endorsing to another state where English exam was required they still had to do it.

    yes my experience was from what I went through until I hit retrogression in 2006 and became stuck in the long queue for a immigrant visa. We have seen many post that employers where not willing to wait the several years for someone to come and work once obtaining their immigrant visa and if I hadn't cancelled my application due to moving to Canada I would still be waiting in my original country.

    Having a US SSN doesn't always mean you can work as some have one issued which states on it not valid for work purposes, if you already have legal residency or a USC then at least you miss that headache and just have to go through the headache of meeting BON requirements as a International trained nurse.

    However you mention is sponsorship easy which indicates you do not have legal means to live and work in the US and if that is e case you will join the queue that is over 6 years long for a immigrant visa and that is once you have found a employer willing to wait that long
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