Advise please! Im in OZ now taking a course that will not lead me to PR

  1. I am reposting it here, I first posted it on a wrong thread

    I am an RN in the Philippines with 1 year clinical experience.

    To make a long story short, My mom was referred to IDP by a friend and everything went so fast.

    I took the IELTS and got 6.5 . DPI arranged everything for me, I'm enrolled in Cert III in aged-care and then Cert. IV. My student visa is good until Jan 2014.

    Now that I'm here in OZ and started reading all the forums here and learning about BP, makes me feel so stupid. I felt that IDP just took our money for nothing. Did not even mention any other options for me. I cannot blame anybody except myself, for not doing my homework.

    Since I am already here in OZ and my classes have started already I am trying to correct my mistake to take the correct route to PR.

    Please let me know if what I'm thinking is even feasible.
    1. I am currently reviewing for IELTS and take in March and pray that I get 7.0 all around.
    2. Collect all the documents required by AHPRA and submit my application and hope I get an LOE.
    3. That I will be able to find BP school who will accept my 1 year experience and
    4. that I will be able to get another visa after many student visa expires. This is to avoid going back to the Philippines before taking the BP.I have read a lot of threads about BP schools and the length of time it usually take them to respond and then to be accepted. And then there is no guarantee that you will have a class right away.
    5. I can only wish and pray , that after I successfully finish my BP and get registered in AHPRA that I will find an employer who would sponsor me for PR.
    Do you think this is doable or just impossible? That there are problems or conflicts I am not aware of?

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    And what good can I get from taking this CERT. courses? I know I cant be sponsored for PR or work visa for being AIN

    I am just so frustrated. I spent all this money and time for nothing.

    Sorry for the vent..
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  3. by   canned_bread
    Sorry, I am not to sure what BP means... Perhaps if I knew what that meant I could help. Either way, you are right that sponsorship as an AIN would not be feasible. I went to university to do my bachelor of nursing and we had a lot of international university students (Australian catholic uni has a LOT) and as long as you have the funding and the high IELTS score then they did well.
  4. by   nursekat2013
    Hi @canned_bread Sorry , I mean Bridging Program , a requirement of Ahpra for Overseas trained nurses to be an RN in Oz
  5. by   callista_05
    Hi, is it possible to work in a part time job while you're taking the Certificate IV course?
  6. by   ceridwyn
    I have been lead to believe immi are not giving out visa,s for anything less than bachelors degree these days

    . To cut down on overseas students applying for the cheapest courses with no passion for the trade in the first place just taking chances that things will change and get a permanent visa.
    What would be the point as a student at , legally, 20 hrs a week work, only and no job at the end.
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  7. by   ChinSeng
    with all the dilemma you had initially encountered, how are you doing as of the moment after a few months of studying in Aus?