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A little background info: I'm a new grad RN (JUST passed my NCLEX a few days ago), and like all other new grads, am having a lot of trouble finding a job in this tough market. Thankfully, I recently secured a phone interview at a great academic hospital in the maternal-child unit.

The problem: I had a phone interview scheduled with a Nurse Recruiter for 11AM today, it's now 12:30PM and still no call. I've rechecked the date, the time, the recruiter's phone number, etc. Everything should be in order. I've even called the recruiter's office directly every 15 minutes since 11AM but to no avail (just voicemail).

What should I do?? Should I keep calling? Send an email?

I was so excited and ready for this interview...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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I'd leave a voicemail and an e-mail. Be courteous, i.e. "I understand something may have come up to cause you to miss our appointment. I'm still very excited to speak with you about the position. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to reschedule."

Don't lose it just yet. Chances are something came up. Life happens, even to nurse recruiters.

Deep breaths.


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Thanks Mike! I just sent her an email and left a voicemail. I'm sure something just came up. Thanks for the advice though! I'll let you know how it goes

deep breaths deep breaths :-)


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Argh! Carly Simon may have sung about the joys of "Anticipation" but for anyone looking for a job, waiting is excruciating!

Mike has given you sound advice. Can't add to it except to say, congratulations on passing NCLEX!


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Good news folks!

The nurse recruiter called this morning, apologized for missing the appointment yesterday, and asked if I was available to do the interview now. Of course, my heart did a backflip at the prospect. All in all, the interview went well I think.. (it was just a priliminary screening interview for the hospital: why do you want to work here? what will you contribte to the hospital? describe a time you went above and beyond expectations, etc.)

I'll hear back in a week or so! Woo hoo!

Thanks again for the advice Mike!

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Same thing happened to me when I was job hunting. It was a mess up in HR. If you're courteous about it, they like that. Things happen. Good luck!

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