You might want to avoid this recruiting company

  1. I received an recruitment email from Delta Healthcare Providers. I replied and ask that the recruited please address me by my title in the future. I think we deserve professional respect. I was nice about it and said "please".
    I have left a message for his supervisor and I'll update this post when I get it.

    Here is the response.

    On Feb 24, 2013, at 7:53 PM, XYZ wrote:
    If your name is ABC I'll refer to you by the name your parents gave to you.

    Signed XYZ

    Let me ask you a question. Do you address physicians by their first name or by Dr.?

    Please address me by my title.

    Nurse Anesthetist/Nurse Practitioner

    Dear ABC,

    I have an exciting Nurse Practitioner Or Physician Assistant position to discuss with you! Please review the minimum requirements and the details for the position below. If you do not meet the requirements, please do not respond to this email in order to give those qualified applicants an opportunity of reaching me first. If you are actively looking for a different position, please feel free to review our website and apply directly.
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  3. by   nursetim
    No offense but I think you are making something out of nothing. That is my personal opinion. That said, their reply was the F answer. Their job is to smooze. That reply was not smoozy, it was snotty. I recommend not using their services. Save the please, you sound like that congressional assistant that got all bent out of the frame for being called Liz. Or Barbra boxer, a senator from California that insisted that a "peon" call her senator. If they pronounce your name correctly consider yourself ahead of the game.

    Chillax, you are a member of the top rung of the nursing food chain in regards to pay. Enjoy life.
  4. by   emtneel
    I don't understand what you are complaining about?
    Sounds like you are on a high horse and consider yourself better then the recruiter....

    I've talked to Delta lots of times and would not discount this company, and if you have never worked for them, then you are jumping to judgement conclusions!

    Do you call the smelly drunk guy who is cursing at you Mr.Smith? Do you show all your patients the exact respect that you think you deserve??

    Even if I go to med school and become a Doctor, I would still tell people to call me by my first name. Yes its an earned title, but I don't think i'm better then someone just because I may have had more opportunity or maybe because I worked harder.

    I have a friendly first name basis with multiple recruiters from multiple companies. They know i'm a professional, they know I work hard.

    Its a small world out there... and if you burn your bridges at Delta... who knows he could become the next chief such and such at another company that you do like.. i've seen it happen....
  5. by   emtneel
    And another thing.. we in the healthcare industry are one of the few who have people knocking on our door for our services, while other people are struggling every day and would LOVE to have any job, even if they are over qualified.

    Man it just annoys me with so many out of work, no/under insured, etc.. that someone complains about something so trivial.

    I for one consider myself blessed and grateful to be in such a position and do not take it for granted. We could be the one's struggling to find work and could care less what someone called us...
  6. by   Cessna172
  7. by   nomadcrna

    I believe in standing up for our profession. I believe in being professional.
    Do you think that is hinders the NP cause by we NPs calling physicians Dr. And they calling us by our first name?
    Do you think the recruiters should show physicians a different level of respect?
    A big part of what is wrong with our profession is we have some nurses who for whatever reason think that we are trying to be better than we think?
    I also demand the same perks at hospitals that the physicians get such as parking and free meals.
  8. by   nomadcrna
    Your reply struggles with logic. It has nothing to do with working for delta. It has everything to do with them calling me By my first name. When I politely ask to be called by my title, the recruiter gets *****.
    What saddens me more is the reactions by other NPs who apparently think that promoting our profession somehow means I must think I'm better than the recruiter.
    I guess I must think I'm better than the clinic or hospital nurses who call me dr. When with patients. But wait, they call me by my first name in private.

    No matter, the discussion is over for me. Take it how you want but the bottom line is there are many other recruiting companies who are professional.
  9. by   nomadcrna
    Once again, stay on topic. It's has nothing to do with out of work people. What you fail to grasp is that we need to fight for our profession, not sit back and cruise. You might not realize it but we are in a war for our practice rights. If you don't want to help in the battle, at least don't try and hold back those of us who are trying to further our profession. We need to take every opportunity to promote NPs.
    So you see, you really jumped to a conclusion that could not be further from the truth.
  10. by   nomadcrna
    One more note. I posted this not because of the initial emails. I posted it because of the recruiters attitude when politely asked to address me differently. It would have been better to have even been addressed as Mr.
  11. by   Psychcns
    Quote from nomadcrna
    One more note. I posted this not because of the initial emails. I posted it because of the recruiters attitude when politely asked to address me differently. It would have been better to have even been addressed as Mr.
    You should be able to be addressed the way you prefer. If this person can't remember your preference or chooses not to honor it, and it bothers you, ask for another recruiter..
  12. by   nomadcrna
    Well, I have to admit that Delta contacted me and did the right thing. You can't blame one person for the company. Delta was very nice and I have to retract what I said about the company. Just don't use that recruiter.
  13. by   kalanel5
    I have to say for all the things there are to complain about such as salary or conditions of the facility you are upset because the recruiter didn't call you by your title and instead used your name..... It seems petty and a waste of anger and energy.
  14. by   netglow
    OP, you just sound like this is your first job ever. Your post made me laugh. And you made the agency peeps laugh too.