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I'm a new BSN grad, and I'm starting the 2-year NP program next month. I would assume that a Med/Surg background would be preferred for NPs, but I have the oppurtunity to work in the OR, which is... Read More

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    I would reccommend getting experience before starting an MSN program. I just finished my FNP program (yesterday, actually, I graduated). When I started I had 2yrs experience in L&D. I then switched to Home Health for the past yr. Its not impossible by any means, but you could tell a difference between the RNs in the program with at least 2yrs and the ones who went straight out of school. I think they had a harder time grasping and remembering some things because they did not have the work experience to relate to.
    On another note I would highly reccomend Home Health to anyone considering FNP or Adult NP. I have learned so much and seen so much in my year in HH. It is also helpful to be on your own and teaches you independence. Good Luck!
    Thanks for the hint! I am in an accelerated RN program. I really want to become a FNP. Is there a specific kind of experience that I should check out for my synthesis class?
    (As an HM in the navy I worked a lot of primary care and just love the challenge.) I have to stay at my present job until 2010. (Pension reasons) and HH is something that I could work in while finishing my pension.)
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    I would agree, home health is excellent. Walk-in clinics, Community health clinics and EDs are also great for clinical prep.
    Thanks for the great ideas!