Urology or CHF APRN for Experienced Neph APRN??

  1. Okay, so I've been an APRN (Adult and Peds CNS) for 11 years - in nephrology. I mostly do dialysis rounding with some hospital (ICU and super sick pts with a variety of renal-related issues).

    I'm looking for a change. I was recently a patient in the hospital where I worked in the ER for 10 years. I so miss the hospital environment....

    Two jobs I'm interested in:

    1. Cardiology Transitional CHF Clinic - following CHF pts for 30-90 days post-hospitalization to prevent re-hospitalization. Would include some call and hospital rounds.

    2. Urology Practice - seeing office pts as well as hospital rounds.

    The pay/workload are comparable so my question is that with 11 years in nephrology which would be the best transition? My main purpose is to get more hospital time.


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  3. by   WestCoastSunRN
    So with the CHF program, I assume you start seeing these patients while they are still inpatient? If so, I think you would have way more hospital exposure than with urology. CHF programs are becoming pretty robust, I think. Also, from my RN experience (CV and Medical ICUs) -- we just don't need inpatient urology as much as we need the cardiologists. That said, obviously a LOT of the CHF work will be done outpatient as the whole point is to reduce readmissions. Still, I think you'd probably have pretty regular inpatient involvement so long as you start following these patients before they are discharged.
    Can you research further exactly how much inpatient time is expected with each of these positions?
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Thanks for the insight. Unfortunately I can't really investigate much further because I don't want (at this time at least) for my current practice to know I'm looking.

    I know there will be a learning curve with either job and hope that with nephrology experience, I would be able to handle the added knowledge I need to pick up.

    Thanks again