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Does anyone know anything about University of Phoenix FNP program? I know that most UoP's programs are geared towards 'working adults'. I'd love to hear anyone's comments on the school and... Read More

  1. by   YellowBoneRN
    Quote from KatieRN04
    From personal experience, the UOP is a good school, and has a 98-100% pass rate on the 1st try for the certification test. The instructors are very knowledgable. I would recommend them. Of course though, you always have to remember with anything, in any aspect of life, especially message boards, that the majority of posts are going to be negative, that is why people post, to spread the "bad word". For this question though, I would recommend them. They have a classroom based program, not online. Very informative and lots of information covered.
    Did you attend UOP FNP program yourself? Can you tell me more? I live in the Dallas area and thought about commuting there every other week. Please give more info if possible.
  2. by   SWcitygirl
    I'm doing the ADN to BSN program and haven't gotten to the clinicals yet. How do they ever provide enough clinical experience for a NP program?
  3. by   traumaRUs
    Its my understanding that the FNP program is only offered where there are brick and mortar campuses. I did my ADN to BSN, then MSN with UofP and was very happy with it. However, neither required much in the way of clinicals. An FNP program, however, is very different.

    (My MSN is in management and leadership. I went back to a brick and mortar school for my post-MSN CNS).
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    University of phoenix
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    Please give me some feedback about UOP
  6. by   myelin
    U of P is generally regarded as a degree mill and has a bad reputation, not just in nursing, but overall. I know that it is common practice in many places to not hire U of P grads. In fact, several firms tell of U of P MBAs to not even bother applying. They (in my opinion) are terrible because of their ridiculously low standards. They literally will give a degree to anyone who is willing to pay. Ugh. Try and get into a respected institution. Sure, it's possible to be sucessful with a degree from U of P, but why gamble? Plus, I think it's bad to support for-profit educational institutions, period, since they're driving up tuition prices, wreaking havoc on federal loans and tax systems, etc.