Taking aanp FNP???

  1. I am going to be taking my FNP exam soon. I bought the Margert Fitzgerald CD , which are great but what about the peds section, it is very short and I feel it may be lacking. To anyone that has taking this test, how did you study for the peds portion? Are the CD's enough?
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  3. by   Sheri FNP-C
    I haven't taken it yet. I am also studying using Fitzgerald's CDs. While I do agree that the peds portion of the CDs is relatively short, remember that childhood immunizations are covered in the prevention section and she mentions functional murmers in cardio, etc. For the most part I think it is pretty well covered. I do plan to brush up on developmental milestones using an AAP book I bought while in school, but that is it.

    Good luck to you! When are you taking the certification exam? I want to take it now, but my school still hasn't conferred degrees. I need that to happen so another transcript can be sent to the AANP. I hope to test by 8/31 and not end up into the next test window.
  4. by   sally 1977
    Thanks for getting back with me. I just am not sure what to study when it comes to peds. not my strong point. I take it in 2 weeks. Yikes!
  5. by   Sheri FNP-C
    I heard there is "a lot" of developmental questions. I take that to mean a few since there cannot possibly be too many questions on any one area considering peds is only one part of the exam. I just want to know typical ages for smiling, rolling, sitting, standing, walking, and the speech milestones. The major developmental stuff.

    We sound completely opposite. I have only done peds and ob/gyn as a bedside nurse. So the stuff I didn't run into is what scares me to death...ie major cardiac issues. I wish I would have listened to the advice all nurses hear....you should work in Med/Surg for at least a year. I didn't and was happy about it, until now!

    Please let us know how it goes. Good luck!!!!!!
  6. by   greenly
    I just took my AANP FNP exam yesterday and passed. I was so nervous but I did pass. I mostly used Amelie book and took the online questions on her site. I paid for at least 3 of the online exams (online bank, 2 practice exams, the the mock exam) but i paid off in the end. THANK GOD:>
  7. by   Sheri FNP-C
    Congratulations Greenly!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   sally 1977
    Please tell me more about Amelie books? What is the web page for the online tests? Thanks!
  9. by   greenly
    Thanks SheriStudentFNP. The website is www.apea.com (Advanced Practice Education Associates). Amelie is the FNP owner who does the review courses around the country. Her review course is really good. I used Fitgerald as a review of the material because her stuff is quite long and can be overwhelming when you trying to study for the boards. Amelie's items are clear cut and to the point which help alot when it came to answering questions. I was just trying to answer as many questions as possible. I know how you feel because I was so nervous but you will do just fine. Its going to seem like you don't know anything when you take it cause how the questions are asked and its going to seem so long but remember you do know the information. The ANCC gives you a print out of results when you finish but the AANP just puts the results on the screen. Hopefully, they'll sent me the certificate in the next few weeks. Thats hopefullly so i can submit my application to the state board of nursing.
  10. by   JaimeeG
    I took the AANP boards in January and had very few peds questions (thankfully!!). As a couple of others have mentioned here, I used Amelie Hollier's review. I found her review to be MUCH better than Fitzgerald's. Amelie says what needs to be said and then moves on, where Fitzgerald goes on and on and on. Sure, it's good info, but I felt like I was listening to a review of my entire FNP program. I got more out of the "just the facts, ma'am" that Amelie uses!

    Good luck to all getting ready to take boards. They really aren't that bad...they just seem that way

  11. by   Dr. Tammy, FNP/GNP-C
    Quote from greenly
    The ANCC gives you a print out of results when you finish but the AANP just puts the results on the screen.
    So when you take the AANP, you don't leave with any documentation that you passed? A bit disconcerting in light of my application material being "misplaced" more than once.
  12. by   JaimeeG
    You don't get any documentation after you test. At the end of the test, a screen will come up telling you if you passed or not, and that's pretty much it until you get your stuff in the mail. I read my results and it said something like "You have passed..." I left and got all panicked and said to my husband, "What if it really said 'You have NOT passed' and I just missed the NOT???"

  13. by   mickey4
    How long did it take them to mail you the official results?
    Anyone heard of the computer saying something different than what shows up in the mail?
  14. by   Dixiecup
    ! got my official paper in about 3 weeks,