Stupid question re: orders from NP's

  1. One of our physician groups has recently started having their NP's on call at night (used to be they just rounded during day shift). So I got a TO from a NP last question is, how do I write it in the orders? Based on the way they sign their orders in the charts on days, I put "RBTO Dr. Jones/Jane Smith NP/mama_d LPN" under the this the proper/legal way to do it?

    Sorry for the dumb question, we've just never come across this before and no one was able to tell me an answer with 100% certainty.
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  3. by   Dr. Tammy, FNP/GNP-C
    Not a dumb question at all. This is definitely, I would think, an institutional question regarding policy.
  4. by   DaisyRN, ACNP
    [font="comic sans ms"]the nurses that take verbal orders from me often write, "rbto daisy, np" and then when i come to round on that patient the next day, i will initial it. the doctor's do not have to be listed in the verbal order. everywhere my initials or name is has to be cosigned by my supervising doc, per the hospital's bylaws so... the docs are going to end up with their name on it eventually. i don't know of any hospital that doesnt require some signature by the docs, per their bylaws. it is not a nursing issue, its a medical records issue. some nurses have done it both ways... my name or my docs name. rarely both. we are legal to give verbal orders and you are legal to receive them from us. i think you are safe either way... but to be sure, you could ask your medical stffing office.
  5. by   mama_d
    Thanks for your replies, I guess I will f/u w/my NM to see what our policies are. Wasn't sure if there was an industry standard or not
  6. by   traumaRUs
    No - it is very much hospital credentialling committee-driven. I'm on staff at a total of six hospitals and each one has something different for my signature.