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  1. I finished by ACNP in 2011 and was certified the same year. Unfortunately I was unable to get a job but would like to keep my certification up and continue trying. It appears though that because I don't have enough hours working as an NP I don't meet the requirements for recertification for ACNP. And I can't go back and re-take the test because now because the ACNP certification includes the AG and I would have to go back to school to do the AG part and then certify. Is there anyway around that?
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  4. by   juan de la cruz
    I recommend you call ANCC. My understanding with the new re-certification requirements is that you are required to have 75 hours of CME plus any one of the ANCC Renewal Categories:

    1. 75 hrs of CME
    2. Academic Credits
    3. Presentations (must be 5 clock hours)
    4. EBP or QI Project
    5. Precepting (120 hrs)
    6. Professional Service
    7. Practice Hours (1000 total)
    8. Re-testing

    Technically, you can double up your CME to 150 and still be eligible to re-certify based on the new rules. Have you done any QI/EBP projects? I think ANCC has actually softened their requirements. There are faculty members in schools and colleges of nursing who have NP credentials and are not in practice and this is a way for them to re-certify without actually having any practice hours.