Question about NP writing contols for out of state

  1. In the state of California a FNP can write Rx's for controlled substances, even triplicates like oxycontin, methadone, ect. I had a patient today that has a mail order pharmacy. They refused to fill her Ambien "because it was written by a FNP and FNPs can not write for controls". When I called this mail order pharmacy they told me the same thing. I told the that in the state of California they can and that the RX was written in California. If this pharmacy is in a state that NPs can not write Rx's for controlled substances can they refuse to fill it even though it was written in a state that allows it? The pharmacy never even contacted us telling us to have the script re-written by an MD....:angryfire I have never had this problem with a mail order pharmacy in the past.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, HeartsOpenWide,

    There are online/mail-order pharmacies that will not fill prescriptions by NPs, yes.

    Here is a PDF statement by the American College of Nurse Practitioners (from 2002) that explains this in detail:'Can%20nurse%20practitioners%20 write%20prescriptions%20out%20of%20state%3F'