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  1. I am a newly graduated FNP from Tennessee. I am nationally certified through the ANCC. I just accepted a new job in CA. I need to begin the painful process of transferring my RN and NP licenses to CA. It is impossible to reach the CA board of nursing by phone or email. All of the recruiters I have worked with either confirm that CA is the worst state to transfer your license to (based on amount of time it takes), or the recruiters simply won't place NPs in CA. I am considering flying out to speak with the board in person. Has anyone been through this process? And if you have, please tell me the steps you took. I've been all over their website and sent off forms. But still have questions, and there's no one to ask! Please help!
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    I started the process of endorsing my RN and NP license from MI to CA over 7 years ago. I think the process hasn't changed too much except that now you can do part of the application online.

    It's almost a 4 part process the way I see it.
    1. Endorse your RN license. The instructions are in this link: Licensure by Endorsement. If your're nurse who graduated from a US based program except Excelsior, then you shouldn't have any hassles. This part is pretty straightforward and similar to the endorsement process in most other states.

    2. Endorse your NP license. This is a separate process and the instructions are in this link if you scroll down to nurse practitioner: Advanced Practice and Certification. If you are ANCC certified, you shouldn't have any hassles either.

    3. Apply for a Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Number. This is a requirement unique to California. As non-physicians, the term "furnishing" was coined as a way to circumvent the word "prescribe" which is only applicable to physicians in this state. The requirements are pretty easy to meet by any NP - just the fact that we attended an Advanced Pharm class is the main thing! Basically, all the board needs is proof of completion of this course and the forms are in this link: Advanced Practice and Certification. Be aware that getting an initial NPF alone will not enable you to prescribe controlled substances, you must also do step 4 below.

    4. Once you have your NPF (furnishing number), you should apply for a DEA (or transfer your existing one to CA) and take a CME course on prescribing controlled substances that is approved by the board. The course offered by CANP is approved for sure and I don't know of any others. The link to course is found here: Store - California Association for Nurse Practitioners. Once you get the DEA and the CME certificate, send copies of both to the board and your NPF will be updated to being able to furnish controlled substances.

    - I can't speak to the length of time it takes to complete the above as it's been 7 years. I remember it took me 2 months to endorse my RN and NP and I didn't get my NPF until I actually moved here.
  4. by   NPskywalker
    Hi Juan,

    Did you apply for the RN endorsement at the same time as the NP endorsement, or did you have to wait to receive the RN license number first and then apply for the NP license?
    I was hoping to expedite my licensure processing time but then realized that it's probably not possible since the NP endorsement application requires the CA RN license number.
    I've heard many horror stories about transferring NP licenses to California. My friend waited a total of 5 months to get her CA RN license and CA NP license (she applied to them separately).
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  5. by   juan de la cruz
    I remember sending both RN and NP applications at the same time.
  6. by   ArmaniX
    Not to hijack your post, but in anyone's opinion.. would it be wise to get your CA RN license while still in NP school if ones goal is to find a position in that state?

    I have a year left of my AGACNP program and my ideal first time position would be in California. I've looked up some fellowships offered (opinions welcomed there too..) and most require licensure in the state prior to application.
  7. by   NPskywalker
    Yes, I would recommend applying for your CA RN license as soon as you can because the process can take at least 10-12 weeks.