Question about FNP board cert?

  1. I graduated from a FNP program in May. Any help on how to format my studying for board certification? What to expect? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   bancho
    I don't have an answer for your question. As a matter of fact, I have a question for you: Why you haven't tested after five months of graduation? Hopefully, I will be graduating next May and I was hoping to test as soon as possible. I even emailed ANCC about applying early, but they never email me back. I guess those rumors about their deficient customer service are true.

  4. by   sirI
    Quote from honeyglazed
    i graduated from a fnp program in may. any help on how to format my studying for board certification? what to expect? thanks!!!
    hello and to

    it is great to have you with us. congratulations on your graduation.

    i suggest fitzgerald's review course. many have used this and think it is wonderful.

    which board cert did you apply?

    enjoy the forums here at allnurses!!
  5. by   honeyglazed
    I graduated in May. Fitzgerald review in June. Married in July. Now I'm dealing with some family medical and legal issues. I've sent off my paperwork to take the ANCC FNP test, but I haven't received a response. In the mean time I've been working full time as an RN--GYN/ONC and they recently decided to throw antepartums in the mix. I'm still studying!!!!!
  6. by   gauge14iv
    I got the fitzgerald review cd's at the end of my first clinical semester - I dont know how I would have made it this far without them! They are great! Of course I don't know yet how applicable they are to the exam but others have said they were awesome to that end. I just know they have helped me not only in studying for exams and passing my classes but in clinical situations as well.