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  1. I have been looking for an online program to bridge from Adult-Gero NP to FNP (to work in an urgent care like Minute clinic). When I was in school I had to do only about 700 hours of total clinical time. Currently, I see 12 years old to geros. When I look at online schools they want 600 hours of post masters rotations. Does anyone know why so many hours are required? Would I be expected to see teens and adults as a student? Anyone know a school that only has the Adult NP see kids for like 300 hours?
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  3. by   Miiki
    As far as I know post-master's have you do the specitalty part without the core theory stuff. The clinicals are always whatever is required to qualify to sit for the certification exam, usually 500-600 hours. Usually the schools want to look at what you've got before they'll tell you what they will give you credit for. Why don't you call up a couple of your potential schools and see what they say?
  4. by   FullGlass
    Check with the individual school. Some schools only require you to take the theory and do the rotations for peds and women's health. You already have everything else as an AGNP.