Pennsylvania RN new grad...ASN to MSN in mental health nursing?

  1. Hi, i'm brad, and i will graduate in May'07 with an ADN in nursing. But i have many other credits, and will hopefully have a BSN in a year after that. I went for business management prior to this. I am VERY interested in becoming an advanced practice nurse. I have worked for 3 years as a CNA in critical care. I have considered becoming CCRN, and then going on for CRNA, but I think becoming a mental health nurse practitioner might be the ticket, as I enjoy working with "these" patients, and quite honestly, I am a patient. I have suffered from adhd, anxiety, and depression for many years..does that make me a better nurse? Should i take a staff nurse position first, prior to going for my mhnp/apnp/pnp? WHATEVER you shall call it! And school reccommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Brad..OH AND THE FACT THAT I AM A MALE>..does that affect anything?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Brad and welcome. First off, I wish that I had done the ASN to MSN - it would have been faster. My personal preference is several years of RN experience before pursuing an advanced degree. Many reasons for this. However, the biggest which you also stated, is how do you know what you want to do? You might want to consider that your being a "patient" isn't the best basis always for a career in that particular field of nursing. Self-disclosure is rarely beneficial and takes the focus off the patient and puts it onto the nurse which isn't therapeutic.

    That said, good luck with graduation and finding a job.
  4. by   sirI
    brad, here is a very lengthy thread about: becoming a nurse practitioner with little or no rn experience

    should answer many of your questions regarding that issue.

    as for your gender, i don't see that having any bearing on whether you are apn or not, how you would do your job or if it makes you a better apn or not.

    i wish you luck with your goal to become apn in whatever capacity:

    nurse practitioner
    clinical nurse specialist
    certified registered nurse anesthetist
    certified nurse midwife

    good luck.