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  1. Hello all!

    Just wondering if anyone had any information regarding NYU master's program? I'm looking at options for going back to school and NYU is one of my top choices. I live in Jersey and just a short commute away from the city. I would like to hear if anyone has actually gone through the program and if they liked it. Obviously, the program is a pretty penny so I want to explore this option thoroughly. Any advice is appreciated

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  3. by   JerseyGirl2010
    Hi!! I'm looking for similar info for NYU MSN programs. Any stats, work experience, volunteering, gpa, etc? It would be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   shuccrn
    They have admission criteria on their website. I've been wanting to hear from a student who's already enrolled in the program for their true opinion. Do you know anyone JerseyGirl2010?
  5. by   JerseyGirl2010
    Hi shuccrn!
    I don't know anyone unfortunately, but I went to NYUCN Open house for Masters programs this passed week. I was able to get some great info despite arriving late (��). I have a non-nursing undergrad degree from Rutgers and I'm currently enrolled at a comm coll RN program; my Rutgers gpa is very low and I was honest about that with the presenter. She recommended that I take one or both of the pre-reqs @ NYU as sort of a caveat to my situation. It would be a pretty penny but I'm single and once I start working as an RN, it will probably be do-able. Also, she emphasized the importance of recommendation letters (one should be academic and the other professional) hope that helps! Are you affiliated w/SHU by any chance?
  6. by   star2601
    Did any of you end up applying/attending NYU for MSN? I applied in December and am waiting to hear back