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What are the limitations on NPs in the practice of medicine and surgery compared to MD/DO in the same clinical setting? For example, in a hospital ER or tertiary primary care setting, what... Read More

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    NP vs MD

    you can do alot of great things with a career as a NPP (non-physician practioner). ease the workload, be able to move around specialties, have an easier schedule (usually) and be like a resident (continually learning, b/c in no way can any NPP learn in 2 years what doctors learn in a min of 7 yrs).
    NPs work in all specialties although some are dominated by PAs and some by PAs. (how many neonatal PAs have u seen? how many trauma ER PAs have u seen compared to NPs?) but these are just barriers one can overcome. but there will always be that wall. without that MD title, there will be some procedures you may never be able to do, even tho u have seen them done tons of times and are smart enough to do them. that is the catch. less pay is another. there is a saying that FP PAs do about 80% of what their supervising MDs do, therefore it should be around the same since PA=NP in the same setting. there will be sometimes when you know ur right and the doc is wrong, yet theres nothing u can do about it b.c they are in charge. but overall a career as a NPP is most fulfilling.

    but there will always be arrogant NPPs who think they deserve same pay, can work without the doc (even tho they have less schooling and pay and take on more liability) (like having a CNA or LVN run a ICU, even tho they cant do certain things RNs can) (and their education is shorter, even though a LVN w/ 20 yrs experience may be better than a new grad RN)

    (i would hate a PA who thought they didnt need supervision, same way for a NP, so im not just NP just bashing on those who think they have an equivalent of MD training)
    Never heard of an NPP....

    As for NP not needing supervision, it is not arrogance, it is law with many states.....
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    Just a few thoughts:1. Nurse Practice Acts govern NP's actions. Where I am NP's collaborate and are not supervised.2. CRNA's are NP's.3. Many independent CRNA's make the same money as Anesthesiologists depending on the practice modality.