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  1. Hello. I am currently an NP student and I have a project that is due in a couple of weeks that requires me to interview an NP. This can be done via e-mail or over the phone. I can e-mail you the list of questions: general questions about your transition and you can send a response. Please post here or send me a message if you would like to help. Thanks
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  3. by   JeanettePNP
    Can you post the list of questions?
  4. by   ggabri07
    Here goes the list of questions:

    What is their specialty and how long have they been in that role?
    What was their experience like transitioning from novice APN to expert practitioner?
    What helped in their transition?
    What did not help in their transition?
    Did they find it difficult to get their first APN job?
    What do they like most about being an APN?
    What advice do they have for you to assist in your transition?
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