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Now I finally get why nursing experience can prove invaluable in NP school, yet actually means nothing. It appears that nursing experience gives a valuable base from which to relate but does... Read More

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    Quote from Guttercat
    I think RN's are simply seeing the handwriting on the wall.
    So true!!
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    Quote from zenman
    There is certainly a lot of need for change in nursing but you really can't compare physician training with years of clinical with a BSN nurse going straight into NP school and coming out with 700 hrs of clinical. I personally would like to see 2,000 hours of clinical for NPs .........<SNIP>
    ^^^ This.

    I agree with an increase requirement in NP program clinical hours. But you can add to this STANDARDIZED clinical rotations. Not this, "find your own preceptor."

    Geez, looking back I am so grateful of the preceptors I had. However, I'm sociable and have made many acquaintances and have an easy time networking. The people who had a tough time with securing a clinical preceptor in my class were usually, do I say this in a PC way........ <thinking> ............, "less than sociable." They could be the smartest student in the class but they just didn't have the ability to network with others.

    The lack of uniformity in clinicals is why so many NP's feel so overwhelmed and underprepared when they graduate. Too many of us were settling for whatever we could get just so we could meet the clinical hours required for graduation.
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    Mandatory np residencies--yes but who pays for them. When I worked inpatient psych there were two full time attendings and two residents at all times (on day shift).. For 16 patients. There was tons of on unit teaching..Teaching hospitals are expensive--would they add np residents??
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