New NP and competencies

  1. 0Hi everyone !
    I hope this is the proper forum for this. I recently graduated with my fnp and passed boards. I've started a new job in primary care and I am loving it.

    The physician I am with has started to teach me new skills like joint injections. In school I remember one of my instructors saying that if you learn a new skill, have a physician observe you doing it 3xs and have them sign off on it. I want to say she also told us to send these records to the state. I am wondering if anyone has done anything like this and how exactly you did it ? Exactly what did you document ?
    Thanks everyone and merry Christmas !
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    What state is this in? I'm in IL and while we must be signed off for procedures, its up to the facility and/or the practice to determine the number of times they must be done supervised but nothing needs to be sent to the state
  4. by   peppermintpattyRN
    I'm in PA. I don't think anything needs to be sent to the state here either. But this is what a professor told us to do and I am just wondering what every one else thought of this
  5. by   DizzyJon
    Your direct resource for this should be your BON. You don't want thoughts about what should or shouldn't be done. You want to know exactly what your BON practice regulations are. You are the only one responsible for making sure you are in compliance.

    Sorry, this is a bit of a soap box for me. I'm so shocked on how many NP/PA programs don't provide thorough education about practice laws and then how many new NP/PA providers don't feel the need to go study this information on their own.
  6. by   peppermintpattyRN
    Lol ok