New Grad trying to decide on some job opportunities...

  1. Would LOVE some input/objective opinions from anyone willing to offer it.

    The short question: Would the ability to work only 4 days per week (less than full time) severely impact my ability to get a job as an NP straight out of school?

    Here's the details, which may or may not influence your answer:

    I JUST (as in, last Saturday) graduated from my FNP program. Plan to sit for my boards ASAP, get my license, etc.. By my calculations, this won't all fall into place until about March at the earliest, maybe April.

    In the meantime, I've been offered an instructor position at the University, teaching basic clinical skills to second-degree students. It'll involve one full day of teaching, plus some extra time grading papers, doing office hours, etc. The school year gets out the last week of April.

    I'm excited about the opportunity--I would really like to teach, I think, and I this chance really just fell into my lap (I'd hoped to apply for something similar in a couple of years). But I don't want to limit myself too severely when it comes to first jobs...I really want to find a great learning environment.

    If it helps, I live in the DC Metro area.

    Thanks for your wisdom!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    First congrats on graduation! That is so cool! And you already have one job! I would think in the DC area there would be part-time opportunities.
  4. by   np2b
    Thanks for the reply! (And the congrats.) In the end, I didn't take the job. Definitely one of the hardest decisions I've made in a while, but in the end it's the end it's the one that feels right. Let's hope I feel that way a few months from now...
  5. by   christvs
    Congrats on graduating from your FNP program!! :
    Good luck studying for your exam. As for jobs, what about the facilities you did your clinical rotations in? Could you look there? Or ask your NP professors if they know of any job openings. I have seen jobs posted on a bulletin board outside of our grad school nursing office at my school. Good luck to you.