National company offering no insurance, no holidays

  1. Seems like NP benefits are going down down down since I graduated 3 years ago.I was just offered a job that sounds like good flexible hours and decent pay mid 80's.the company said they offer health insurance, dental and vision. Ok fine.Turns out they were only offering 10 days PTO, no sick days, no personal days, no cme daysAnd they were offering No holidays! Seriously? They said I could take the holiday off and work 4 10's. Hmmm. They seem to live in a world where employees dont get paid holidays.I told them that that was highly unusual and they came back with an offer of 5 floating holidays, and Some CME money (but no amount specified)They sent me the offer in writing along with the health insurance benefits package, and their is where I received another shocker: $313/month for medical insurance! $33 for dental, $8 for vision. I can get a better deal on my own, with lower out of pocket maximum.Anyone else had a company ask you to pay such a high price for your health "benefit"Even with insurance costing nothing, Im not sure if I can work somewhere with only 15 days off for The entire year. Does that seem crazy to you?I never thought I would have to fight for basic benefits as if I was the first to do so.
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  3. by   mammac5
    I think the future will look like what you're describing for a lot of people. Holidays are becoming a touchy subject in America because some of the those that have been recognized for decades are religiously based. Some of the holidays that are not recognized as national or gov't holidays are from religions other than Christianity. In short, it's going to become harder and harder for employers to recognize ANY religious-based holidays unless they recognize ALL religious-based holidays. Which no one can afford to do and would create a scheduling/logistic nightmare.

    As for insurance, employers are really running scared in a lot of ways right now with new costs and regulations due to Obamacare. Some will offer no insurance, some will offer very expensive insurance. They have to cover everything laid out in the law, if they offer insurance coverage at all, which means much greater costs to the employer and some of that must be passed on to employees.
  4. by   morganvibes
    Well, I appreciate your response but I think you are using this bad company and my bad offer to make a Political talking point, and I'm not interested in that at all, I want to hear about NP experiences.
    I don't know if Obamacare will effect anything in the future, but it has nothing to do with this. Actually, the only way a Company pays a penalty with Obamacare is by NOT offering insurance to employees. Normal serious companies offer health insurance at zero or a small cost per paycheck for a full time position, and I'm sure most of the NPs on this site know that.
    Same with the Holiday issue. I have never heard of the Govt demanding a company give any
    holiday off, it has NEVER happened. No, There is no political statement about religion, it is just a cheap company and they are new to hiring NP's and think they can treat NP's like they treat part time employees in their Home Health division.
    as a matter of fact, I believe that the US pathetically has NO requirement of Holidays or Vacation
    time off which is very sad.
    We, as ARNP's need to stop companies from eroding our benefits.
    I have been offered a lot of jobs and this offer was unusual in how bad it is, it is not the norm, which is why I was asking
    if anyone else had gotten this kind of offer from a national company.
    I'm torn because the sub par benefits show me it is not a quality company, but I think it could be a good low stress job with
    flexible hours.