Liability Ins.

  1. As a student I had coverage through NSO. The have made some changes in my state and now rates have increased 30% and the policy is "excess lines" which is apparently a bad thing.

    Anyway, after doing some internet searching I found another company, Marsh Inc. at They have better rates, are still an occurrence based policy, and are not excess lines.

    Anyone know anything about Marsh Inc. or have suggestions for other companies that offer liability ins.?
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    Marsh has low rates compared to NSO and CM&F in my experience. They also offer 10% discounts to ANA, AANP, and AACN members.
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  4. by   sirI
    Please see my blog entry:

    Medical-Legal Argot: Should I Carry Malpractice (Liability) Insurance?
  5. by   Sheri FNP-C
    Thank you both. For my state it looks like Marsh is the best option.
  6. by   CaseAlum
    I was actually getting ready to renew my NSO policy and was referred to Marsh by a colleague. The rate is $400 less through Marsh. I also heard of Marsh through the AACN. It's strange because none of my NP colleagues carry their own insurance, but I'm not taking any chances and feel more at-ease having my own policy. Sorry I cant add any more info.
  7. by   NHRNmomof3
    I have always had Marsh as an RN. When I got my NP job my employer was going to get it through another organization which was 75% more. We looked into Marsh and we went with them. Much cheapier especially with the 10%. My employer is paying for it.
  8. by   Sheri FNP-C
    My employer says they will reimburse once I start. I felt funny asking a Dr. that I barely know to pay for all this stuff before I even start, but did ask if she would reimburse me.

    I did end up going through Marsh. It was $708 versus $1281 through NSO!
  9. by   NHRNmomof3
    I'm glad they are going to reimburse you. It's a basic part of practice that is a practice expense. I ended up paying 544 for my insurnace because of the certification discounts. I think it varies with state and speciality though.