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  1. Wanted some opinions on an offer. 90,000 base with 1200 towards CMEs and a weeks paid leave that ups to two after 12 months. No call, no weekends, no nights, no holidays . But also no insurance. Paid malpractice with no tail coverage .

    In the southeast 86000 is the median.

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  3. by   harmonizer
    That's not bad for Southeast where the salary is "generally" the lowest in the country. I got similar What is your specialty? Derm and ER get paid very well.
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  4. by   mammac5
    Salary sounds good. One week of time off sounds bad. $1200 for CME is low, even in the SE. Look into the cost for purchasing your own malpractice insurance. And no health insurance? What kind of healthcare provider/system doesn't offer health insurance to its medical staff?
  5. by   harmonizer
    Sorry, did not see about no insurance. I would negotiate for more PTO time. Any paid holidays time?
    Personally, if they do not want to modify PTO and insurance, I would negotiate for lower salary with more PTO time..
  6. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    You still need to carry your own malpractice as a wise choice in addition to whatever coverage they are providing. Also shop around to find out what coverage would be for yourself as in medical,dental, vision,long and short term disability. Ask if you could have 3weeks off a year(comparing to approx.12 paid holidays since they aren't paying you those). Just because its no weekends, and so still need balance. Take a little less money if they are willing to go for three weeks off. But weigh all options.
  7. by   annlewis
    No insurance benefits! That's absurb! I would not take a career type job without insurance benefits. That is definetly a needed benefit unless you are on a spouse plan and can do without it.
  8. by   ahnwan
    I would call BC/BS and get a rate quote buying insurance on your own. Health insurance may cost you $500 a month if it's just you, or more if you are buying for your family. Figure it out with paper and pencil if the money is "good" with that out of pocket cost.

    My husband is on a plan that has a $10,000 deductable - we pay for doctor visits and meds out of pocket, but if he landed in the hospital, we pay $10,000 and everything after that is covered 100%.

    It's unfortunate about the vacation time. It seems every company is taking away benefits we have come to expect.
    This might be your dream job, and someone else's nightmare.
    Any pension/401K?
  9. by   Alan RN
    Thanks for the input! First contract and kind of tepid going in. It's a small private office that will enroll the NPs and MDs in a group plan next year (I'll make sure I have that in writing) . And I will definetly get my own malpractice as well. All said and done I'm still coming out 8000-10000 ahead of where I would be somewhere else. As for holidays we get 9 paid vacations and I get a boost to 2 weeks vacation after 6 months