Is it difficult to get into an NP program ?

  1. Any advice would be appreciated with regard to admission criteria and such. Thank you.
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    Quote from PACNWNURSING
    Any advice would be appreciated with regard to admission criteria and such. Thank you.
    Applying into an NP program is no different than applying for any graduate school degree. Usually, a minimum undergraduate GPA as well as competitive GRE scores are required. Some NP programs require a current RN license and a few years of nursing experience. However, you will find direct-entry programs that accept candidates with non-nursing undegraduate degrees. The degree of difficulty getting admitted probably will depend on the university you choose and the type of program you're interested in.
  4. by   ParalyzeDragon
    What are competitive GRE scores? I have a dilema...I went to a university that offered a fast track option and then they awarded us BSN after a year and a half. After this they let us enroll in the FNP program with out the GRE. They based entrance upon GPA and passing the NCLEX.Now I want to leave my city and transfer (I live in Memphis). I have been here too long....I have been taking classes in the FNP track very slowly (2 classes this year!) because I am trying to get good grad school grades so I can transfer 4 classes. The point is what are competitive GRE score for getting out of here? Is it hard to get into any old FNP program or should I just stay here finish and be happy I am even enrolled in any program? I would really like to go to the univeristy of Miami. Has anyone done the transferring thing with undergrad gpa of 3.0 and to mediocre and easy classes with gpa 4.0?MY udergrad gpa sucks I know this...but I wonder over all what they look at if u want to transfer out of your MSN program.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I am the expert a transferring schools - unfortunately! I would just stay put,, accelerate your classes if you can, get done and then move.
  6. by   juan de la cruz
    Quote from Dulcedragon
    What are competitive GRE scores?
    I agree with TraumaRUs regarding staying in your program but if you decide to leave, you should ask the school about their GRE requirement. I just recently realized that some schools don't even require GRE at all. Back when I was considering NP school, the only 2 options for an ACNP program in Michigan were Wayne State and Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor. Both schools required GRE scores. Wayne State required at least a 400 Verbal and 400 Quantitative. U of M told me that it helps to have above average scores and was advised to look at the GRE website to see what the average scores were so I'll know what score to shoot for (it apparently changes every so often). I ended up going to Wayne State because the tuition is much cheaper and I live closer to that school. But I recently checked U of M's website and found that they don't even require GRE now if you have a 3.25 or higher undegrad GPA.