How long was your NP program?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    As many of you may know from other posts I've made, I am a new FNP student this semester. I am taking 10 credits this semester (which I now see is pretty rough) and and shooting to graduate in two years. My entire program is 46 credits (15 concentration, 10 core and 21 clinical with theory). The program is set up in a normal semester format with fall spring and summer terms.

    My question is this, is it possible for me to graduate in two years without completely killing myself? Has anyone taken NP courses online over the summer term and are they significantly harder (because of the shorter time frame?). This program is already pretty intense with it being online and I am trying to balance reaching my goal with being smart and not failing out of school. I realize it shouldn't be a race but I really want to move on from bedside nursing ASAP.

    How long has it taken any of you to get through school who are already NPs? Obviously going part-time would take longer, but i am going to try to stay full-time throughout the duration of the program including summers if I have to.

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  3. by   Teacher First
    Mine was a post master's program.....started in August 2007 and finished in May 2009 while working full-time. I got so little sleep that I think I really hurt my brain! Took about a year to "recover." Pace yourself!
  4. by   Le-Lee_FNP
    I'm only working prn in an icu right now. I can work as little as one day a week if i need to. i don't want to work less than that because i find that I am able to apply what i am learning in school at work when i'm looking through my patient's H&Ps and looking at their "whole picture" which i think is really valuable. Do you think it too you two years to do the post masters because you were working full time?
  5. by   reeya
    My FNP program is full time 2 yrs plus one semester of thesis at the end making it 2.5 yrs. If I was super motivated, I could actually finish it in 2 yrs doing the thesis with my last semester of adult clinicals but I figured out it would be too stressful with work, didactic class, clinicals and on top of that thesis. I am going full time school and working part time (16 hrs ) 2 shifts per week in a telemetry floor. It is do able working part time. Our school is planning to add a whole semester of geriatrics clinical from next year making it solid 1.5yrs of clinicals (peds, womens, adults, geriatrics).
  6. by   Christen, ANP
    My program allowed you to go FT or PT. I actually worked FT and doubled up on classes so I could get done faster! I wanted to be in, out, and DONE asap! It was hard, but well worth it in the end! If you have the option, I say back off of work if needed and push through and get the school over with.
  7. by   Le-Lee_FNP
    did any of your programs require you to attend over the summer in order to finish in the two years?
  8. by   Christen, ANP
    Mine did - I did 180 hours of clinical in 8 weeks, plus 2 classes, plus work. >_< I still have nightmares, LOL!
  9. by   Le-Lee_FNP
    wow christen, that's a lot! I'm married and have two young children so i don't know if i could do all that, especially over the summer. I do want to get school over with...I think the most i could do over the summer is one theory course. luckily i only have to work prn.
  10. by   linearthinker
    Mine was 2 years/6 semesters FT. All terms, fall, spring, summer, were 15 weeks.