How long before job offer extended? - page 2

I have interviewed with everyone for a job at a nearby hospital. I know people on the inside who have said that I'm the most qualified candidate for the job. They need to hire 5-6 PNPs ASAP. Their... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    You can try to tell first job, "I really need more time to consider this job offer"...or you can counter the first job offer and ask for more money - that will also buy you some time.
  2. by   tryingtohaveitall
    Ooh, good strategy to ask for more $$ to stall, lol. That hadn't even occurred to me. I am such a rookie.
  3. by   traumaRUs
    No problem at all - all is fair in love and job Let us know how it goes.
  4. by   tryingtohaveitall
    So as an update, the expected offer from my current hospital didn't come and I accepted the offer from the other hospital. It's really a terrific opportunity, in my desired field on a brand new unit with a lot of autonomy. Now to complete the credentialing paperwork... sigh.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Fantastic. Congratulations
  6. by   tryingtohaveitall
    The crazy thing is that I still haven't seen a contract. Trying to decide if I should be worried. I suspect the issue is an extra benefit the manager said she'd give me but HR said would have to be approved by their manager.
  7. by   BostonRN13
    I was just going to post this exact question. Thursday will be 3 weeks since my interviews (which I thought went pretty well). I've heard nothing. Sigh...