House calls

  1. I'm an RN, currently working home health. I like several aspects of Home Health. I've also seen a number of want ads in my area for NPs to do house calls for insurance companies.

    Do any of NPs here do house calls, either independently or as employees? How do you like it? Would you recommend it?
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  3. by   jenniferm1023
    I do house calls although not for home health or for an insurance company. I work for a large not for profit hospice and do the face-to-face visits. I am a full time employee and I work four 10 hour shifts and I love it. The pay for NPs in our area is not great but I worked for my company as an RN for 3 1/2 years so I'm hoping after several months I can prove my worth and lobby for a raise. I get a list of patients that need seen for the month. I try to see 4-5 per day. I choose who I want to see on what day and what area I want to go to (we cover 18 counties). Right now I type my note but when I'm comfy with that I may start dictating. I spend about 30 minutes - 1hr with each pt depending on what's going on if anything. I visit with them and their caregivers, answer hospice related questions, and make changes based on needs... We've had all of them more than 60 days so usually they are pretty good.. And then I go on to the next one.. I have lots of autonomy and freedom.. My doctor I answer to is brilliant and fantastic and I learn something from her every day, she is always available via phone call or text message.. I wouldn't trade my job for anything!
  4. by   Berkshire1995
    I'm a house call NP for our VNA. I love it! I see patients with everything from CHF to psych issues. Would be happy to answer any questions!
  5. by   carachel2
    I am an FNP and about to start working part-time for UHC in their Housecalls program. Is that the program you are talking about ?I will be doing in-home Medicare Wellness/Assessment visits. The whole process so far has been wonderful/thorough, the training sounds like it will be thorough and the job sounds like it will be detailed but varied. I will not provide ongoing care for these patients.
  6. by   cymphilly
    Hi Berkshire,
    Are you working as full time NP in VNA? If so, how's the pay and how many pts do you require to see daily?