For those who relocated for first FNP job (long post)

  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering for those who relocated for first job, how that panned out? I currently reside in a small town in GA and I have no problems with leaving. I am a military brat and am used to moving around every few years. With that being said I do have one little problem, I have a little one. I am graduating next May and although it seems a lifetime away, I know it will be here before you know it. I've started researching different locations mainly the city of Atlanta and surrounding states. My dream would be to move out of the Southeastern region completely just because the school system here sucks compared to the rest of the U.S. I just don't have one set place in mind and really am open to anywhere that is affordable as a single parent. My dream job would be Mon-Fri 8-4 (or 5) with no on call or weekends. My son will be turning 7 and going to the 2nd grade next year. My "plan" would be to find a job (hopefully out of state), allow him to finish the school year here while residing with my mother while I get situated in the new place. Then, towards the end of that summer bringing him to reside with me forever (LOL). I know the biggest con is leaving my support system, but if I made the move to the city of Atlanta it would be the same situation as Atlanta is 2.5 hours away from the town I live in now. So here are my questions:

    Was it an easy transition to move to another state in a new position?

    If you moved back to your original location, why?

    Would you recommend moving for first NP job or finding something local if possible?

    If you had a family, was it an easy transition for them?

    What are the steps needed to get licensed as NP in new State and is it a long process?

    Were any of you single parents upon relocation?

    Did your children adjust to new environment without major problems?

    Did you regret your decision in the long run?

    Any added advice would be great!

    P.S. Just a little about me that might make the advice more relevant. I just turned 24 (July 29 YAY!!!). I have been residing on my own since the tender age of 18 and my son has always resided with me as well. I have depended on my mother and daycare for his care during work and school these past 6 years so I'm used to daycare fees. I currently am working PRN while doing a full-time (2 year) FNP program. I have been able work steadily and make about 75K+/year (no benefits although I have purchased my own insurance for my son). My salary aspirations as a new NP would probably be mid 80s to 90s or something relevant to the cost of living of the area. I would love to eventually move to one of the autonomous NP states once I get several years of experience so those states would be first picks for out of state jobs. I actually want to do family practice to hone my skills for at least the first 2-3 years then specialize if something piques my interest. I'm not the clubbing type in any way and love going places with my son so the age is not a factor as far as maturity level. Of course if I meet some great friends who want to hang out for the weekend I would hire a weekend babysitter for those few times I need "adult" time. This of course would be after probably close to a year when I am familiar with the people and areas. I'm a big time protector of my son's safety and he will always come before my wants. Thanks for any advice, I'm open to any critiques of my plan negative or positive.
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  3. by   mcnacht
    First, congratulations on the prospect of soon being done with school!

    I can't directly comment on moving, because I'm in the opposite situation: owned a house that we were underwater on when I started looking for jobs, so no possibility of just up and moving for the best fit. I accepted what was offered that had the tangibles I needed: flexible schedule, insurance coverage for my family, and a salary I could live with. I continued at first to work extra RN shifts at my old job, and now have a 2nd NP job for training and money purposes.

    The advice I was given recently by a PA was to do whatever it takes to get a job in the area you want to work in, because you might get "stuck" if your first job is in an area you don't like. I don't know that that's true for NP's so much (but might be for PA's). I'm in occ med for my main job, and urgent care for my 2nd job. I wanted family practice, but have found that most places want applicants with 2-5 years of experience. The only ones I found that would take new grads didn't offer insurance coverage for family members, so I couldn't really consider them.

    As far as salary, the numbers you named may or may not be realistic. There is a lot of variation around the country, and you also have to consider not just base salary, but benefits package including retirement contributions, vacation time, and medical/dental insurance. Around here (Seattle), a new grad would usually be looking at 70-75K starting out unless they have some significant specialized experience or training. I'm not sure where one would get 80-90 with no experience and a tolerable cost of living.

    Good luck!
  4. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    We did. It was easy, and the greatest thing we ever did. 6 years ago we moved 3,000 miles to a place we had never even seen, where we knew no one and had no jobs lined up. We left behind both our extended families, all of our friends and professional networks.

    The very smartest thing we did was to sell everything but some of our clothes. Each kid got one steamer trunk to pack, and one large suitcase. We got rid of everything else and moved practically empty handed and just got new stuff when we got here. It was so freeing to get rid of all that crap we had accumulated. You think you need that stuff, but once it's gone, you feel so much better!

    We moved in the Spring when school got out, looked for a house over the summer. We knew where we wanted the kids to go to school so we only looked in that vicinity so that they would live near classmates, etc. Once we were settled, I started studying for boards while my partner looked for a job. We both started about the same time about 8 months after moving here. It took a few months to get a new RN license, and then a NP license, then a DEA license, etc.

    The kids did fine, it was a great adventure! No regrets. We are in our 50s though, married over 30 years with seven children (they have built in friends wherever the go, lol), financially secure and not dependent on family or friends for any kind of help with childcare or anything. That is quite a bit different than being a young adult, and a single parent with one child. They say it takes a village to raise a child. You two only have each other, but my family is the proverbial village .

    I would never, ever, live in any state that did not have full independent NP practice, so that might make the question of a move very easy for me.
  5. by   NPAlby
    Moved 3k miles away from all I know as well. From NY to AZ and love it! I had always planned on moving out to AZ. Not because I knew anyone or anything about AZ but just because I knew it was warmer and the pay was better. It was a pain in the buttocks with licensing and all the things you need to get credentialed for (magellan, medicaid system in az) but has been very worth it. i actually moved out by myself and did the long distance thing for about year with my long time BF. It worked for us. No children so that does make things easier. It was my first NP job out of school and so I did feel like fish out of water regarding the mental hygiene laws in AZ. I am in Psych so hopefully you wont have such hard of a time as an FNP. I dont regret it at all.