First interview for FNP

  1. Hello, I have many questions still left after leaving my first interview for what seems to be a great FNP job in primary care. I was offered the position and a base salary along with the company covering all of my expenses like professional fees and insurance (not health although not an issue as I don't need additional coverage). My question is primarily what would be an acceptable salary starting out with all of this in mind? The company was forthright with their expectations of me as a new grad and stated that they didn't expect to be as "productive" as others starting out. They did outline what the end game was, to see anywhere from 20-30 patients per day eventually. They seem very reasonable in their expectations, I am just curious if what they are offering is fair.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Just as an aside - I too didn't need health insurance as my husband is retired military and I'm totally healthy. However, this year I had a major problem that will require years of f/u, major surgery and I have paid $16 for the whole deal.

    It truly DOES pay to have primary and secondary health insurance.
  4. by   Jules A
    And just because you don't "need" it doesn't mean the cost shouldn't be figured into your salary expectations. When I'm considering a job without benefits or 1099 the salary will need to be significantly higher.
  5. by   shibaowner
    How can we tell if the offer is fair since you didn't give us the amount or where you are located? Salaries vary by location.