Finding your first job as NP?

  1. While I still have another year left in my FNP program I look at help wanted ads for NPs and notice that they all ask for experience as a NP. Are they really expecting all the NPs who apply will have the required years under their belt?

    Also, how does salary work your first year around? I've read through the salary thread, but wonder if there are jobs for new NPs with decent salaries?

    Lastly, someone once recommended that I find a first-time job that does not require on-call hours simply to learn the job and not be stressed by unexpected calls. Looking at the NPs I know they all take call. Any suggestions on places to look for this sort of work?

    I may have more questions later since this is something I'm always pondering.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi yellow finch. From my search for a job, here are some things that helped me:

    1. Don't rule out off-the-wall positions where you have no experience. These may be the most lucrative.

    2. In my area, (central IL), the hospitals pay much less (on the order of $62,000/year), while the private practices usually start quite a bit higher.

    3. Word of mouth is the most frequent way to find jobs.

    4. Several of my job possibilities came from clinical experiences.

    5. Did I say consider everything? The reason I repeat myself is that I am a chronic dialysis APN. Before last July, I had never even seen HD performed. just goes to show that by considering all options, you might find something that fits the bill that you had never considered.

    7. As to the call. I take call (and that is a misnomer as I actually have to round on our patients as well as do all consults) at two different hospitals 50 miles away. I really, really enjoy the acute side of things. However, by the time I got credentialled (a very long process), it was 8 months after I took the job, so don't worry that you will be thrown to the wolves. I received 3 months intensive orientation (both classrooom with the MDs and on-the-job). I was very happy with this.
  4. by   yellow finch
    Thanks for the great advice! I never would have even thought of most of those. Good thing I'm preparing in advance. Heh.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Thanks, glad to be of assistance. As to the call, don't necessarily take a job with call off your list. I love my call - just wish it wasn't on the weekend or 50 miles away. However, it does give me some experience in the hospital with acute patients. That is what I really like.